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Survivor of US Drone Attack:
Obama Belongs on List of World's Tyrants

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Against Authoritarian Threat of Far-Right
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Christian Terrorist Groups You Never Hear About: Here Are Six of Them — Ever Heard of 'Army of God?'

Alleged Army of God member, Donald Spitz, holds Army of God banner. (Photo from  Wikipedia)
Alleged Army of God member, Donald Spitz, holds Army of God banner. (Photo from
  1. The Army of God
  2. Eastern Lightning, a.k.a. the Church of the Almighty God
  3. The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)
  4. The National Liberation Front of Tripura
  5. The Phineas Priesthood
  6. The Concerned Christians

By Alex Henderson
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recently released an in-depth report on terrorism in the United States. Covering April 2009 to February 2015, the report (titled “The Age of the Wolf”) found that during that period, “more people have been killed in America by non-Islamic domestic terrorists than jihadists.” The SPLC asserted that “the jihadist threat is a tremendous one,” pointing out that al-Qaeda’s attacks of September 11, 2001 remain the deadliest in U.S. history. But the study also noted that the second deadliest was carried out not by Islamists, but by Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995—and law enforcement, the SPLC stressed, are doing the public a huge disservice if they view terrorism as an exclusively Islamist phenomenon.

The report, in a sense, echoed the assertions that President Barack Obama made when he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in February and stressed that Muslims don’t have the market cornered on religious extremism. In the minds of far-right Republicans, Obama committed the ultimate sin by daring to mention that Christianity has a dark side and citing the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition as two examples from the distant past.

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