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Cop Who Shot Walter Scott In Back — Video of Him Tasering Man Lying Face Down

Unnecessary tasering of prisoners by police is becoming a national epidemic.  Eric Harris and Oscar Grant were both killed by police who "thought" they were tasering a prisoner when in fact they were shooting the prisoner. Recently, Dontay Ivy and Natasha McKenna, both of whom were mentally ill, were tasered to death by law enforcement. 

Michael Slager tasered Julius Garnett Wilson (above) while
he was already face down on the ground.
By Jason Sickles
Allegations of excessive force used on minorities are mounting against the South Carolina police officer recently caught on video fatally shooting unarmed suspect Walter Scott in the back.

Julius Garnett Wilson alleges in a new lawsuit that he was tased by officer Michael Slager last August while lying face-down on the pavement.

The North Charleston police officer, who is white, was terminated and charged with murder last week after a bystander’s video captured him firing eight shots at Scott after a traffic stop. The 50-year-old unarmed black man was running from the officer when he was struck four times in the back and once in the ear. He was buried on Saturday.

The case has brought protests to North Charleston, where some residents say minorities have been unfairly targeted for decades. On Monday, Wilson and his attorneys met with reporters on the steps of city hall to hand out copies of their lawsuit and police dashboard video of the alleged abuse.

“In my lifetime, I have witnessed violent acts by police officers,” Wilson, a 35-year-old with a prior criminal record, told reporters. “Without proof of such acts, the word of police officers is always taken over the word of the victims forced to endure their violent acts.”

Slager is among three patrolmen named as defendants in the suit along with the city of North Charleston, the police department and police chief Eddie Driggers.

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