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Teen Shot 16 Times By Cop and Killed: Cops Claimed Victim 'Lunged With A Knife' — Video Showed Otherwise, FBI Investigating

A Chicago police officer who fatally shot a black teenager 16 times in October is the focus of a criminal investigation being conducted by federal prosecutors and the FBI. Police claimed he lunged with a knife, but police "misconduct" is the subject of the probe.

Laquan McDonald was hit with a barrage of 16 police bullets. Many entered his back.
Laquan McDonald was hit with a barrage of 16 police bullets. Many entered his back.

By Jeremy Gorner and Jason Meisner
hicago police officers trailed the knife-wielding teen for nearly a half-mile last October, from a trucking yard where he'd allegedly been trying to break into vehicles through the parking lot of a Burger King and onto a busy street in the Archer Heights neighborhood.

As officers awaited backup units armed with Tasers, they tried to corral an uncooperative Laquan McDonald to keep him away from passers-by, city Corporation Counsel Stephen Patton told a panel of aldermen Monday.

But as the 17-year-old continued walking down Pulaski Road, another squad car pulled up to the teen, and two officers jumped out with guns drawn. A dashboard camera from a different squad car was rolling as one of the officers opened fire, striking McDonald 16 times and killing him, Patton said.

On Monday, federal authorities confirmed the FBI is leading a criminal probe of the officer who fired the barrage of shots. According to a statement by U.S. Attorney Zachary Fardon, the joint investigation also involves the Cook County state's attorney's office and the Independent Police Review Authority, which investigates police misconduct.

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