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The Cops Have Had Bad Press Lately: So Now Big Media is Calling a Cop a 'Hero' — For Not Shooting An Unarmed White Man

Michael Wilcox (left) was wanted for killing his fiance and best friend and yelled "Shoot me!" as he ran toward officer Jesse Kidder (far right). Despite the hundreds of police movies and TV shows glorifying police, the image of the police has taken a big hit of late due to bad publicity from unjustified killings, maimings, and imprisonments of blacks. So big media decides to tell Americans they should be happy and proud that a white police officer managed not to kill a white man.—Ronald David Jackson


Ohio Cop Refuses to Resort to Deadly Force: 'I Wanted to Be Absolutely Sure'

By Elizabeth Chuck
A rookie Ohio cop is being praised for "great restraint and maturity" after he held off using deadly force against a double murder suspect who charged at him, his police chief said.

In a confrontation Thursday with a man accused of killing his fiancee and his best friend, New Richmond Police Officer Jesse Kidder is heard on his body-camera video yelling, "No man, I'm not going to do it!" and ordering the suspect to get down on the ground.

The suspect rushes toward him shouting, "Shoot me, shoot me!"

"Back up!" screams Kidder, holding his gun out. The man finally crumples to the ground just feet away from the officer in the video taken in the Cincinnati suburb of Elsmere, Kentucky.

Investigators say Michael Wilcox, 27, killed his fiancee in their Brown County, Ohio, home, then killed his best friend in Elsmere, reported NBC affiliate WLWT in Cincinnati, which first obtained the body-camera video. A Brown County investigator spotted Wilcox Thursday night at about 8 p.m. and attempted to stop him, but Wilcox claimed he had a gun and drove away, officials said.

He was then followed by New Richmond police on a car chase through multiple counties on the Ohio-Kentucky border before Kidder caught Wilcox and arrested him.

Officer who took down homicide suspect only been on force for 1 year http://t.co/fjUzaYI7vo pic.twitter.com/A8AS3Z6UxX— WLWT.com (@WLWT) April 18, 2015

The nonviolent confrontation caught on video has been highlighted as a positive example of police officer encounters nationwide. Their actions have been blemished by shootings of unarmed men, including a deadly officer shooting earlier this month in South Carolina.

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