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A Black Man Threatens Whites and it's Labeled Terrorism — But Not When a White Man Writes a Manifesto and Kills Blacks

Dylann Roof and Floyd Lee Corkins.
By Shaun King
Are you familiar with the Family Research Council? It's the conservative anti-gay group that Josh Duggar worked for before he stepped down recently after admitting he had molested his sisters and a babysitter. The FRC was designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center back in 2010.

Well, in 2012, a black man with a gun and 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches walked into the offices of the Family Research Council and planned on shooting the employees and rubbing the sandwiches on their faces (here are the literal sandwiches). He didn't do it and was disarmed by the security officer in the building who held him there until the police showed up.

The federal government called that terrorism. The feds even prosecuted him as a terrorist, and he was the first person ever convicted under a 2002 anti-terrorism act and was sentenced to serve 25 years in prison:
He pleaded guilty to the charges in February.

U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen heralded the sentence as sending a strong message on terrorism.

“A security guard’s heroism is the only thing that prevented Floyd Corkins II from carrying out a mass shooting intended to kill as many people as possible,” Machen said in a statement.
OK? So, a black man walks into a building of conservative white folk with some chicken sandwiches and a gun, gets manhandled by security, and he's a full-fledged terrorist sentenced to 25 years in prison for terrorism.

But, a white man researches the most historic black church in South Carolina with a state senator as its pastor, speaks on his desire to start a civil war, goes into that church, kills a state senator and eight other African Americans, but it's not terrorism?

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