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A White Supremacist Designed the Confederate Flag Symbol — Racist Fanatic Considered Flag an Emblem of 'White Superiority'

Anyone who claims that the confederate flag is about "Southern heritage" and not white supremacy is either poorly informed or a racist liar

By 1863, the Army of Northern Virginia's square battle flag was so popular among the Confederacy that it was incorporated into the upper left corner of the new flag. The white rectangle symbolizes the "supremacy of the white man," according to William T. Thompson, the flag's designer.

Early versions of the confederate flag based on Thompson's terror symbol

"As a people we are fighting to maintain the Heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race," Thompson wrote. The second flag faced criticism for being too white, with complaints that it could be mistaken for a truce sign in battle.

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Anonymous said...

Fuck You Stupid Shit next time put it on your head! Maybe It will warm your cold red death brain and maybe you can think for yourself then! But your just like Al Shithead Your a Pile of leftist PigShit!;-) 60, 000 backs lots free Stood under this Nobel Flag! See they could think for themselfs!

Ronald David Jackson said...

Thanks. You just provided a perfect example of the kind of people who "revere" the Confederate slave flag.

Anonymous said...

Not only that, but they obviously skipped English class; that "person's" grammar and punctuation is atrocious. LOL

Scott Mayo said...

This post is based on a lie reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Click this link for the truth:


Scott Mayo said...

Let's try this:


Scott Mayo said...

And this:


Scott Mayo said...

This post is based on a lie reported by the Los Angeles Times.

For the truth, I refer the reader to this website:


And this post:


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