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'Black Lives Matter' Protestors Fight Off Armed Neo-Nazis In Washington State

Photo screen captured from YouTube video.
Photo screen captured from YouTube video.

A small group of neo-Nazis clashed with protesters demonstrating against the police shooting of two unarmed black men Saturday night in Washington state’s capital city.

The neo-Nazis ostensibly turned out to counter-protest what they considered to be “anti-police” demonstrations, but the Olympia Police Department distanced itself from the group’s support.

"The two men who were shot were black, and we believe (the white supremacists) were trying to make statement about their race," police spokeswoman Laura Wohl told local news site My Northwest. "There has been some confusion that they were here to support the police and they were not."

My Northwest reported that while the crowd of demonstrators numbered more than 150 people, only approximately five to 10 neo-Nazis showed up. Wohl told the news site that there was a confrontation between the two groups but it was "over fairly quickly."

Witnesses said both protesters and neo-Nazis were carrying bats and some people flung chairs from a nearby restaurant at the neo-Nazi's cars, according to a report in The Olympian newspaper. YouTube user Nate Myers posted video of the confrontation:

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