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'Obama is an Anti-Semite' — Says Managing Editor of Jerusalem Post: Backing Israel While its Leaders Spit in His Face is Not Enough

Chicago-born Caroline Glick: She's the latest racist myth maker.
Chicago-born Caroline Glick: She's the latest racist myth maker.

By Hrafnkell Haraldsson
It is hardly a unique problem. We could, of course, say the same of haters. And racists. Even of true believers and extremists of all stripes. Including Caroline Glick herself.

Chicago-born Caroline Glick, the deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post, suggests, in a Jerusalem Post op-ed, that President Barack Obama is an anti-Semite. Her reasoning is as flawed as any we have seen with regard to Obama.

Glick, who has been called “an apologist for Israel” and who has previously accused Obama of “cowardice” and of making a laughingstock of the U.S., claims, tendentiously, the question of whether he is an anti-Semite “has lingered in the air since his first presidential bid in 2008. It first arose due to the anti-Semitic sermons that Jeremiah Wright, his pastor for more than 20 years, made as Obama and his family sat in the pews.”


In all fairness, a lot of conservatives believe a lot of things about Barack Obama, and he has not dispelled them either: that he is Kenyan, not American; that he is a Muslim, not a Christian; that he is a terrorist-sympathizer, not a killer of terrorists; that he is somehow both a lawless dictator and weak.

The facts don’t come into play. It is all a matter of belief. Is is a matter of defining America’s first black president as the “Other.”

The charges of anti-Semitism, for example, revolve around his refusal to let Israel control the United States’ foreign affairs, to set America’s diplomatic course in the Middle East. They revolve around the assertion that if you disagree with Israel’s foreign policy, that you are anti-Semitic.

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