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Rush Limbaugh: Humpty Dumpty Has A Big Fall in Ratings — Gets Kicked Off Top Radio Stations

Limbaugh's position "on top of the Republican world" seem to be safe and secure as long as he was attacking blacks, Democrats and the powerless. But when he called a white graduate student a "slut" his career suffered a steep fall.

Rush Limbaugh's role as the Republican's #1 Loudmouth is in deep jeopardy.  Illustration by DonkeyHotey.
Rush Limbaugh's role as the Republican's #1 Loudmouth is in deep jeopardy.
Illustration by DonkeyHotey.

By Jason Easley
Things have gone from bad to worse for Rush Limbaugh. Not only are radio stations looking to dump him, but his show is being forced to move to smaller lower-rated stations in an attempt to prevent a mass exodus of stations that carry his show.
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Indianapolis Business Journal reported on Limbaugh getting demoted way down the (ratings) dial:
The Rush Limbaugh Show—set to be dropped by WIBC-FM 93.1 next month—will continue to be heard on Indianapolis radio airwaves without interruption after being picked up by iHeartMedia Inc.

iHeartMedia Indianapolis announced Wednesday that it will begin airing Limbaugh live on weekdays on a new local station, 97.5 FM, beginning Monday, July 6, from noon to 3 p.m. It will air the same time on iHeartMedia’s WNDE-AM 1260.
Limbaugh is going from being on a top ten station in the city to a station in the bottom three.

It is widely rumored that Limbaugh is about to get the boot off of his station in Chicago after his ratings have fallen to 24th place in the city with an audience of 121,000 listeners. Limbaugh has already lost his stations in major markets Boston, New York, and Los Angeles. Radio stations don’t want Limbaugh’s show because of the combination of low ratings, poor advertising revenue, and declining audience.


Rush Limbaugh is being dropped from stations that he has been on for decades because his show is a big money loser for the stations who carry it. More stations would love to dump Limbaugh, but Premiere and Clear Channel are shoving him down the throats of the stations that they own, and the former cash cow of conservative talk radio is being demoted to second and third tier stations in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

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