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19 NYPD Officers Accused of Misreporting Crimes in Bronx Precinct

Illustration by Scott Maxwell.
Illustration by Scott Maxwell.

By Jonathan Dienst
Nineteen NYPD officers face departmental charges after city investigators uncovered dozens of instances where crimes were misreported at a Bronx precinct, authorities say.
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The officers -- a lieutenant, eight sergeants, nine police officers and one detective, all of whom worked at the 40th Precinct -- face administrative charges of misreporting during a four-month period in 2014.
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During an audit of the precinct, which included a review of radio call response activity, as well as the inspection of 1,558 complaint reports, the Quality Assurance Division audit team noted 55 such instances. The majority of these reports were in the five general offense categories of low-level crimes including petit larceny; lost property; misdemeanor assault; criminal mischief and criminal trespass.
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Authorities said all 55 complaints reports are being corrected to reflect the proper offense categories.
The commanding officer of the 40th precinct has been transferred based on the findings of the audit, and the officers accused face possible dismissal from the department if they are found guilty.

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