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Cop Sexually Abuses Woman for 7 Hours After She Calls Police To Report Assault (Video)

The sex maniac, who had a history of misconduct, was placed on paid leave (paid vacation) while an "investigation" takes place.

"Officer" Jeromie Palaoro.

By Matt Agorist
A Portland police officer, Jeromie Palaoro, who has a history of misconduct, is on paid vacation, pending the outcome of a criminal investigation.
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Roni Reid-James was in Portland earlier this month on a trip to visit her boyfriend. Reid-James called the police after she said her boyfriend attacked her at her mother’s house.

Palaoro was one of the officers who showed up to the call on July 4, to investigate the alleged assault by the boyfriend.

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According to Reid-James, on July 5 at 3:30 am, Palaoro came to her hotel room, wearing street clothes, but still carrying a gun, to “talk to her about the alleged assault.”

When he came into her room, Reid-James says Palaoro pulled out the gun and set it on the table. He then took off all of his clothes and demanded that she perform sexual acts on him.

According to Reid-James, this sexual assault lasted for 7-hours.

As soon as he left, Reid-James reported the incident to the Portland police department who placed Palaoro on paid leave.

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