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Cops Shoot Unarmed Bystander 5 Times Then Tried to Cover it Up (Video)

Screen capture from surveillance video.

By Kaye Wonderhouse
A new video exposes the of an innocent Iowa black man by police when they responded to a bar fight and then covered up the shooting details.

Jovan Webb, 27, was leaving scene of an earlier bar fight in the parking lot of the New World Bar and Grill in Waterloo, Iowa. By the time police arrived to the scene, the brawl was over and both the participants and bystanders were leaving.

“Soon after getting into his car, a man wearing civilian clothes knocked on the driver’s side window of Mr Webb’s car. It is thought the man was a Waterloo police officer and that he singled Webb out because of his race,” Webb’s lawyer, Mark Loevy-Reyes, stated in a suit. “Mr Webb pulled out of his parking spot to get away from the man, whom he did not know.”

This man then chased the car with a handgun and shot the driver. Webb’s suit claims that one “or more” police officers shot at him. “The man, one of the defendant cops, chased after Mr Webb as he was pulling out of the parking lot. Running alongside the passenger side of the car, this defendant fired multiple shots from a firearm into Mr Webb’s car,” the lawsuit says. “Trying to escape this attempt to kill him and fearing for his life, Mr Webb drove out of the parking lot.

The shooting took place in a public place full of people, who had scattered and run for shelter when they heard shots.

Waterloo authorities maintained that Webb intentionally drove his vehicle at Officer Steve Bose, who had allegedly been standing in front of the car in full uniform demanding Webb to stop, while another police Officer Thomas Frein was knocking on the car window.

Webb’s attorney accused Waterloo police of lying to cover up an unjustified shooting, insisting that Webb was not posing a threat to police or anybody else.

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