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Survivor of US Drone Attack:
Obama Belongs on List of World's Tyrants

Poisoning Black Cities: Corporate Campaign to Ethnically Cleanse US Cities Massive Marches in Poland
Against Authoritarian Threat of Far-Right
Ethiopia’s Invisible Crisis: Land Rights Activists Kidnapped and Tortured

Global Perspectives Now Global Perspectives Now

Decades of Hollywood Propaganda Has Turned Brutal Cops Into Heroes — A Few Years of Smartphone Videos Is Undoing That Damage

Hollywood has turned rights-violating cops, like the one depicted by Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry, into heroes.


Cop Who Killed Michael Brown - Once Recorded Attacking Man Who Was Recording Him: He Lied About it In Report

Too bad no one had a camera to record Darren Wilson's
encounter with Michael Brown

Darren Wilson didn't like to be video taped.


Darren Wilson: "...Take a picture of me one more time, I'm a lock your ass up."
Mike Arman: "Sir, do I not have the right to record?" — Darren Wilson: "No you don't."


The video seems to tell a different story from what Darren Wilson
provided in his police report

Excerpt from Darren Wilson's police report of the incident leading to arrest of man who video taped him.

1) Darren Wilson did not advise the individual that a voice recording would be acceptable.

2) The individual did not have his camera in Darren Wilson's face.

3) The individual was not ordered to get off the porch and place his hands behind his back before he was arrested.

Read the Entire Police Report


Yet Another Police Public Torture Session Caught on Video: Man Repeatedly Kicked And Tasered in Orlando, Florida

At a press conference, psychotic police chief John Mina proclaimed, "The video doesn't show the whole story."  In other words, its "okay" for police to repeatedly kick and taser a man who is sitting on the ground and not fighting back.  In other works, if you are don't "follow orders" immediately police can torture you later. With police "leaders" like this, America will soon become an all-encompassing neo-Nazi state.

The Police Torture of Noel Carter


Listen To What Passes for a "Police Chief" in Orlando, Florida


Another Public Torture Session Caught On Tape — This Time It's Sadistic Cops in Salinas, California (Video)

Mentally ill 28-year-old Jose Velasco is the victim this time.  He was tortured with batons and tasers by one group of cops, and when more cops showed up they join in the attack.

Warning: Graphic


Public Torture Session by Cops Caught on Video Tape (Video)

Police in Long Beach, CA police didn't know they were being video taped as they tortured Porfirio Santos-Lopez with batons and tasers instead of simply arresting him after he fought with another man. Santos-Lopez suffered a broken arm and leg, and ruptured lung. The incident happened in September, 2013.

Cops having "fun" torturing a man: They didn't know they were being recorded.



Cop Tasers A Man Who Tried To Stop Their Brutalization of a Woman (Video)


NYC Cops Choke A Man To Death — For Selling Untaxed Cigarettes

Mayor de Blasio vows full investigation of 'tragic' death of Eric Garner. Cops said victim was selling untaxed cigarettes, while witnesses say he had just broken up a fight and wasn't selling anything.

Screen capture from video.
Screen capture from video.

By Celeste Katz
Mayor de Blasio on Friday promised a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Eric Garner after he was taken into police custody in Staten Island.

Garner, 43, a 400-pound, 6-foot-4 asthmatic, died after cops put him in a chokehold and apparently smashed his head onto the sidewalk while cuffing him outside a beauty supply store in Tompkinsville.

The married father and grandfather, who police say had a history of selling untaxed cigarettes, was videotaped screaming that he couldn't breathe as a cadre of officers took him to the ground.

Read More


Policeman Charged With Murder — Video Shows Him Shooting Unarmed Man 8 Times As He Was Running Away (Video)

The victim was identified as 50-year-old Walter Scott. (Screen capture from YouTube video)
The victim was identified as 50-year-old Walter Scott. (Screen capture from YouTube video)

By Dana Ford
A South Carolina officer has been charged with murder after a video surfaced that appears to show him shooting an unarmed man who was running away.

Michael Slager, an officer with the North Charleston Police Department, was arrested Tuesday, according to a statement from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, or SLED. If found guilty of murder, he could face up to life in prison or death.

The shooting took place Saturday morning after a traffic stop, SLED said. Video obtained by The New York Times shows what happened.

A black man breaks away from the white officer. Something falls, and the officer fires eight shots at the man as he runs away. The man, who appears to be unarmed, drops to the ground.

"I can tell you that as the result of that video and the bad decision made by our officer, he will be charged with murder," North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey told reporters Tuesday. "When you're wrong, you're wrong. And if you make a bad decision -- don't care if you're behind the shield or just a citizen on the street -- you have to live by that decision."

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Cops Recorded Planting A Gun On Man — After Handcuffing, Punching Him in the Face and Calling Him A 'Pussy' (Video)

The charge for a "firearms violation" against the innocent victim were dropped and his arrest was dismissed.  The corrupt cops were not fired from the Philadelphia police department nor were they even disciplined.  Instead the cops were unleashed back into the community to create more havoc and frame more people. The incident took place in 2010 and all charges were dropped against the victim in 2013.

The cop reaches into his pocket and out pops a gun. This is how mass incarceration works, and how cops collect massive amounts of overtime making false arrests and then relaxing at the police station while writing lies into arrest reports.
The cop reaches into his pocket and out pops a gun. This is how mass incarceration works, and how cops
collect massive amounts of overtime making false arrests and then relaxing at the police station
while writing lies into arrest reports.


At about 0:48 you can see the cop pull the gun out of his pocket and
then act like he found it on the victim


Photo Proves Cops Covered Up Evidence In Case of Man They Shot To Death  — Cops Also Refused To Let Nurse Help Victim

The victim of a police murder was a well liked computer expert with a masters degree in computer systems engineering.

Jermaine McBean
By NBC News
After Florida police shot Jermaine McBean to death as he walked home with an unloaded air rifle, they said there was no reason to believe he did not hear their orders to drop the weapon and that he pointed it at them.

But a newly emerged photo that shows headphones in McBean's ears immediately after the 2013 shooting raises questions about the police version of events, including why the white earbuds were later found stuffed in the dead computer expert's pocket.

And another aspect of the police account is also being contradicted — by a man who called 911 in alarm when he saw McBean walking around with the air rifle but who also says McBean never pointed it at police or anyone else.

Michael Russell McCarthy, 58, told NBC News that McBean had the Winchester Model 1000 Air Rifle balanced on his shoulders behind his neck, with his hand over both ends, and was turning around to face police when one officer began shooting.

"He [McBean] couldn't have fired that gun from the position he was in. There was no possible way of firing it and at the same time hitting something," McCarthy said. "I kind of blame myself, because if I hadn't called it might not have happened."

Killer Cops Just Wanted A 'Kill" To Brag About
The killer cops told two lies: 1) They said he wasn't using earphones and could
hear them when they said "drop the gun" (he was wearing earphones and he
couldn't hear them); 2) They said he pointed the gun at them — He didn't. The
man who called 911 about a man carrying a rifle  ("possible just an air rifle")
says McBean never pointed the toy at police.
Nearly two years later, the shooting is still the subject of an "active investigation" by prosecutors. McBean's family filed a wrongful death and misconduct lawsuit against the sheriff's office several weeks ago.

Their attorney, civil rights lawyer David Schoen, says the photo of McBean with the headphones — which he provided to NBC News — is evidence of a "coverup."

The witness who took it, a nurse who asked to remain anonymous, says she pointed out the earbuds to police at the scene, after they rebuffed her offer to provide first aid to the dying man.

A transcript shows that Deputy Peter Peraza, who fired the fatal shots, repeatedly told sheriff's investigators that he did not see anything in McBean's ears.

And the homicide detective who led an internal review told McBean's relatives in an email that officers on the scene "confirmed" he was not wearing a earpiece — after the family explained that he always had them on when he was out walking. The detective said the buds were found in his pocket, with his phone, at the hospital.

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