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Mid East Nukes and Hypocrisy: Israel Has Hundreds of Unregulated Nukes — Yet Prepares Media Blitz Over Iran's Non-Nuke Program

The prime minister of Israel is preparing an all out blitz of illegal interference in the affairs of the United States. The plan is to block the Iran Nuclear Agreement via the congressman in Israel's pocket.
While Israel screams about the possibility of Iran getting nuclear weapons, Israel already has hundreds of atomic weapons. The West has demanded—and achieved—inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities, and negotiations to limit Iran's ability to produce atomic weapons.  Meanwhile, Israel hasn't had a single inspection, is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (Iran is), and hasn't agreed to negotiate a damn thing with anybody regarding its nuclear arsenal.  In fact, Iran has signed treaties forsaking the possession of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.  Israel has not.
The only thing more dangerous in the Middle East than ISIS, Saudi Arabia and the  United States is Israel and its unhinged prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.
The only thing more dangerous in the Middle East than ISIS, Saudi Arabia and the
United States is Israel and its unhinged prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu prepares to fight world over Iran deal

With communications between Washington and Jerusalem all but severed, Netanyahu is hedging his bets and preparing to fight Obama on Capitol Hill once a nuclear deal is announced.

By Barak Ravid
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is preparing for a world war. The reason, what else, is Iran's nuclear program. This offensive will not involve jet fighters descending on the nuclear facilities in Natanz or Fordow, but rather a frontal charge on Capitol Hill. Netanyahu's goal was and remains to enlist enough members from both houses of Congress to vote against the nuclear deal with Iran when President Obama puts it on the docket.


The Third Temple's Holy of Holies: Israel's Nuclear Weapons
(Despite this study by a US Army officer, US officials—and corporate media
—must pretend Israel's nukes don't exist)


An Israeli source noted that Netanyahu seems optimistic about his chances. According to the source, Netanyahu recently told Jewish-American leaders that the battle is not lost. Those who heard the prime minister say it is hard to tell if he actually believes his own words or is only using the rhetoric to try to muster the forces. Either way, Netanyahu conveyed to his interlocutors that he believes that with the right steps, enough Democratic lawmakers with enough political clout can be swayed to stop the deal in its tracks.

The question remains of when the opening shot of this war will be fired. The assessment among Netanyahu and the Israeli establishment is that a comprehensive deal with Iran is a matter of days to a few weeks away. The issues that remain to be resolved between Iran and world powers cast in a doubtful shadow the chances of reaching a deal by the July 9 deadline – the final date Obama can submit the agreement to Congress before it takes its summer recess a month later.

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