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Murder Indictment for Cincinnati Cop Who Executed Unarmed Black Man (Video)

The family's attorney (the very same creep who defended George Zimmerman and lied about Trayvon Martin) begged the black community to "remain calm" in the face of yet another murder by a maniac cop. At the press conference the media was already encouraging the family to give "oh Lord forgive him" speeches.
—Ronald David Jackson

An "officer" points gun at an already dead Samuel DuBose.

A University of Cincinnati police officer was indicted on murder charges on Wednesday in the fatal shooting of a driver this month.

In the indictment handed down by a grand jury in Hamilton County, the officer, Ray Tensing, is accused of killing the driver, Samuel DuBose, during a traffic stop near the campus on July 19.

Samuel DuBose was a father of 10 children.

At a news conference, the county prosecutor, Joe Deters, said that Officer Tensing “purposely killed” Mr. DuBose after the officer lost his temper.

"Officer" Ray Tensing: Just another
white cop wholoses his mind at the
mere sight of a black person.
The death of Mr. DuBose, who was black, at the hands of Officer Tensing, who is white, joined a string of recent episodes — in Staten Island, Cleveland, North Charleston, S.C., and Ferguson, Mo., among others — that have raised hard questions about law enforcement use of force, and the role of race in policing. Video cameras have recorded many of the episodes and nonlethal encounters like the arrest of Sandra Bland, who died three days later in a Texas jail cell, offering disturbing evidence of the confrontations that often contradicts the accounts of people involved.

Mr. DuBose, 43, a father of 10, was just south of the university campus, driving a green 1998 Honda Accord without a front license plate, when Officer Tensing began following him, according to an account that Jason Goodrich, chief of the university police, gave on Monday. Moments later, the officer pulled Mr. Dubose over on a side street, a few blocks from the campus, Mr. Goodrich said.

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