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Black Police Chief Refuses To Fire Black Officers Who Complained About Racism — So He Gets Fired

The police chief had also filed a complaint about being paid less than his predecessors.

Former police chief of Pocomoke City, MD, Kelvin Sewell.
Former police chief of Pocomoke City,
MD, Kelvin Sewell.
By YvetteNews
Readers in Maryland who fired the town’s first black police chief aren’t backing down from their decision.

Pocomoke City is a majority black town, and now Mayor Bruce Morris, who is white, is trying to calm tensions over the ousting of former police Chief Kelvin Sewell.

“I think we are both on the same page. … We have let our town be torn apart,” Mayor Morris told members of Citizens for a Better Pocomoke on Monday. Members of the group are calling for Sewell’s reinstatement.

Sewell claims he was fired for refusing city officials’ demands that he fire black officers who filed complaints about the department’s hostile work environment.

As BreakingBrown reported, in an EEOC complaint, the black officers alleged unchecked racism within the department. One of the two black officers claimed that a white officer left a food stamp with the face of President Obama on his desk, along with a text message that read, “What is ya body count n*gga?”

Councilman George Tasker, who, according to Fox8Live, allegedly referred to supporters of Sewell as “you people”, is standing by the council’s decision to fire the black chief.

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