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'Campus Cop' Who Murdered Sam DuBose Had the Power to Roam Off Campus — And He Harassed Blacks (Video)

Just A Traffic Stop — And This is How He Looks:
Every time "Officer" Ray Tensing approached blacks it was a murder waiting to happen.
(Video of Ray Tensing harassing black motorist Demetrius Pace in 2014)

By Emmanuelle Saliba and Elisha Fieldstadt
The University of Cincinnati cop charged with murder in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black driver appears to have been involved in another contentious exchange during a 2014 traffic stop.
RELATED STORY: Samuel DuBose’s Death in Cincinnati Points to Off-Campus Power of College Police
Officer Ray Tensing, who was indicted for murder Wednesday in the death of Samuel Dubose on July 19, appears to be in a video captured by a passenger in a car pulled over by campus officers, said a university spokeswoman.

The spokeswoman could not definitively confirm that one of the officers was Tensing because the video does not belong to the university.

Demetrius Pace, 27, told NBC News that he was the passenger who filmed the heated May 2014 stop, which was set off by the car's dragging bumper.

The officer asks Pace and the driver, Sexton Henley, if they have been in an accident. They say no, and then the officer asks Pace to identify himself.

Pace says his first name and refuses to give his birthday, citing his "rights."

Under Ohio law, a police officer can ask for identification of anyone who is suspected of committing a crime or witnessing a felony offense.

The officer then asks Pace to step out of the car. He refuses and asks what the charge is, lead the officer to ask: "Why do you keep interrupting me?"

The two men in the car request a supervisor, and the officer tersely responds, "Just because you ask means I have to provide it to you?"

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