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Cop Shoots Man 11 Times — Claims He 'Feared for His Life': Witnesses Say Man Was Unarmed — Cops 'Find Gun'

The 32-year-old Edward “Butch” Foster was a father to six  children.
The 32-year-old Edward “Butch” Foster was a father to six
By Jess Swanson
On July 16, Edward “Butch” Foster III walked to the M&M Meat Market a few blocks away from his Homestead home to pick up some items. The 32-year-old father of six never came home. At 4 p.m., two Homestead police officers, responding to a 911 call about a gun-wielding man, shot Foster 11 times. It's now been more than a month since Foster’s death, and his family says they're frustrated with how slowly information has come out about what happened.

Police say Foster threatened officers and a gun was found on the scene. But the family says that minus video evidence — which doesn't exist since Homestead patrol cars are not equipped with dashboard cams and their officers don't wear body cameras — they doubt that story. The family is planning a protest in Homestead this afternoon and is asking for anyone with cell phone video or information to come forward.

“My brother was gunned down and handcuffed as a dead man. The family wants answers. We’re not going to forget about this and go away,” his sister Crystal Foster tells New Times. “We want to get out the word that every officer should be wearing body cameras.”

This much is clear: Foster was buying dog food at the Dollar Store when a Homestead cop named Anthony Green responded to the 911 call and confronted Foster near 328th Street and 187th Avenue. A police spokesperson later said the officer feared for his life when he fired from his car at Foster, and a 9-mm Sig Sauer was found near his body.

But the family disputes that story. They say multiple witnesses say that Foster had his hands up when he was shot and that none of them saw Foster wielding a gun.

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