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Frankenstein Doctor in China: Head Transplants Performed on Rats (Video)

Rats with transplanted heads.

By Christopher Hooton

Not content with having created over 1,000 hybrid mice with different heads, some a different colour from their bodies, controversial doctor Xiaoping Ren next wants to perform pioneering transplants on primates.

Shadowing him during a 10-hour operation, the Wall Street Journal witnessed a mouse with a new head move and breathe on its own following the procedure, even opening its eyes and drinking.

That being said, none of Dr Ren's transplanted mice have as yet lived longer than a few minutes.

He claims to be perfecting the procedure however, using tiny tubes to carry oxygenated blood from the brains to their new bodies, and will next try it out on primates (there are already plans for it up on his wall).

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