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These Are The People Who Surround Donald Trump: Aide Had Racist Posts on Facebook

Trump fired the aide only because he exposed the fact that Trump surrounds himself with racists like himself. The  corporate media didn't make a big deal over the racist within the Trump camp. Yet it dragged Barack Obama through the mud relentlessly over statements made by the pastor of his church.

By Hunter Walker
Donald Trump isn't the only person associated with his presidential campaign who has a tendency to make controversial comments about minorities.

Sam Nunberg, one of Trump's political advisers, has a personal Facebook page that features notes he's posted since 2007.

These updates, which are riddled with grammatical and spelling errors, contain many racially charged statements including one instance on August 25, 2007, where Nunberg wrote about calling Rev. Al Sharpton's daughter "N---!"

Nunberg is a lawyer who graduated from Touro Law Center in Long Island, New York. He is an associate of controversial Trump adviser Roger Stone.
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According to Nunberg's LinkedIn page, he served as the cochair of "Students for Mitt" in New York City for Mitt Romney's 2008 presidential campaign while he was in law school. Nunberg's LinkedIn also says he worked for the Middle East Forum's Legal Project and the conservative nonprofit American Center for Law and Justice.

Trump's campaign-finance reports show Nunberg is one of eight people who were paid political advisers on his campaign from April through the start of this month. During that period, the reports show Nunberg received $15,139 from the Trump campaign.

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