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Sacramento Police Department Loves Brutal Cops — Cop Facing Third Federal Lawsuit for Brutality

'Hero' cop has three lawsuits for beating citizens with his duty-issue flashlight

"Hero Cop" Paul Pfeifer shows John Reyes who's boss.  (Screen capture from video)
"Hero Cop" Paul Pfeifer shows John Reyes who's boss.
(Screen capture from video)

By David Ferguson
Sacramento, California Sheriff’s Deputy Paul “Scotte” Pfeifer is facing a lawsuit in federal court alleging that he used excessive force in the brutal arrest of 51-year-old John Reyes.

According to the Sacramento Bee, this is the third lawsuit that Pfeifer has faced since 2009 in which he is accused of brutally beating suspects with his duty-issue flashlight.

Reyes alleges that in December of 2009, Pfeifer “tasered, pepper-sprayed and beat plaintiff in the middle of the street, in broad daylight, with his department-issued flashlight. The wrongful attack was witnessed by many citizens who were appalled by the conduct, some of whom recorded the deputy’s illegal conduct.”

The beating left Reyes with a “broken nose, broken ribs, a concussion and a large gash above his left eye.”

Reyes and Pfeifer got into an argument when Reyes — who had a lengthy history of run-ins with local police and sheriff’s deputies — asked Pfeifer to move his police cruiser, which was blocking the sidewalk.

Reyes said that he asked politely twice, then became angry with Pfeifer and the dispute quickly escalated.

The Bee said, “Pfeifer then got out of his car and used his pepper spray, Taser and flashlight as the scene was captured on video, according to the lawsuit.”

Reyes was arrested on charges of resisting arrest, although eventually the charges were dropped by the Sacramento County District Attorney.

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