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'All of You Are a Bunch of Stupid Bitch Ass Niggers': Says Cop to Black Family — An 'Investigation' is Started

Multiple complaints were filed against the cop on the same day - One by a retired police officer

Psycho Cop: Shane Lofton.
By Chris Nakamoto
Today multiple internal affairs complaints were filed against a West Feliciana Parish Sheriff's Office deputy who is accused of using the "n" word as he conducted routine patrols.

Coincidentally, a third person was also there filing an internal affairs complaint against the deputy when our cameras showed up. The deputy in question has been identified as Shane Lofton by the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff's Office. He's new on the force, and has been with WFPSO for less than a year.

Idia Anderson and her sister Barbara said their relative was trying to jump start their car when Lofton pulled up.

"Flipped the lights on, get out, I need registration and driver's license," Barbara Anderson recalled Lofton saying. "Really behind booster cables. There was no traffic coming. He was the only one sitting on the highway."

What happened next had the Anderson's at the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff's Department today. They say Lofton used racially-charged language to describe them.

"I don't have time for this because all of you are a bunch of stupid bi*** a** nigg***," Anderson recalled him saying. "I said who are you talking to...who are you talking to?"

Sheriff Austin Daniel says he's aware of it and is looking into it. But he couldn't provide a comment until his investigation is complete. However, he did say he's continuing to look into this deputy's background for another prior incident.

A third person was also at the sheriff's office filing a complaint against Lofton. Retired police officer Kevin Sterling said the language used against him during a recent traffic stop was also unnecessary.

"I told him give me my license back," Kevin Sterling said. "I'm not going to entertain that. then he replied to me and said i was a bi***."

Civil rights activist Lula London is planning to rally the community together.

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