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American Apparel Goes Bankrupt: Had Become Known for Bigotry, Abuse and Slamming 'Instagram Hos'

Photo by Emily Burnett.
By Lindsey Sirera
It's more bad news for American Apparel.

The brand well known for their bodysuits and leggings filed for bankruptcy early Monday morning, filing a for a protective Chapter 11 petition in Delaware. The controversial clothing company has endured a lengthy battle with sales in addition to a slew of nightmarish PR scandals, and has suffered a drastic 17 percent drop in second quarter sales since just last year. And reportedly, the Los Angeles-based retailer is now roughly $300 million in the hole.

Oh, and then there's the many lawsuits pending against the company (many involving ousted CEO Dov Charney) which will also be put on the hold until the company's financial mess is sorted.

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Really, the bankruptcy news can't come as a shock to anyone who's been keeping up with the once champion retailer's decline into ignominy. American Apparel hasn't turned a profit since 2009, and has repeatedly made headlines for all the wrong reasons, including model casting emails referencing "Instagram hoes", offensive mini skirt ads and hair-raising allegations against Charney for shocking instances of sexual harassment.

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