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Cops Gone Wild: ALL Police Officers Involved In Shootings or Beatings MUST Be Drug Tested — Here's Why (Videos)

Every time an unarmed person is killed or abused by a cop the police department and corporate media rush to publicize the victim's history. If the victim was ever arrested, it's publicized. If the victim ever posted photos on social media holding a gun, it's publicized. If the victim was ever suspended from school, it's publicized. If the victim has any drugs in his or her system, its publicized. Yet the killer cop is never subjected to breathalyzer or drug tests. The following articles demonstrate that cops may well be killing and brutalizing people drunk and/or drugged while on duty. All police officers must be tested for blood levels of alcohol and drugs whenever they are involved in violent incidents.

Compiled by Ronald David Jackson

NYPD Officer John Finley was charged with drunken driving after he
crashed into a guardrail in Staten Island and officers found his blood
alcohol level to be .430%, more than five times the legal limit, officials

NYPD officer with blood alcohol level 5 times the legal limit charged with drunken driving

By Thomas Tracy
A veteran NYPD highway cop found himself on the other side of the law after crashing his SUV and registering a blood alcohol content more than five times the legal limit of .08%, authorities said Saturday.

Police Officer John Finley, 45, along with the rest of the department, is tasked with putting the brakes on traffic accidents and drunken drivers as part of the city’s Vision Zero initiative.

But those lofty goals were chucked out his passenger-side window when his blood-alcohol level landed at a mind-boggling .43% during the Aug. 8 crash on Staten Island, stunned officials said.

“At that level of toxicity he shouldn’t have been walking, let alone driving," a law enforcement source said.

The pie-eyed patrolman was alone in his 2009 GMC Envoy when he rammed the SUV into a guardrail on the West Shore Expressway near Meredith Ave. in Travis about 10:15 a.m. that Saturday — three days before his 45th birthday, police sources said.

A bottle of Georgi Vodka was found inside the SUV, officials said.

Finley — who has been on the job since October 1990 — was so drunk that he was “unintelligible in speech,” according to court documents.

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Cop Runs Stop Sign, Hits Sober Driver, NYPD Covers it Up By Framing the Man For DUI

Oliver Wiggin's (left) attorney, Scott Rynecki, shows a photo of the smashed police car to the media. Wiggins was framed for DUI because the NYPD was trying to cover up for a cop who was driving a patrol car while drunk.
Oliver Wiggin's (left) attorney, Scott Rynecki, shows a photo of the smashed police car to the media. Wiggins was
framed for DUI because the NYPD was trying to cover up for a cop who was driving a patrol car while drunk.

By Mike Sawyer
On April 19, Oliver Wiggins was driving his Nissan Maxima on Glenwood road when he was suddenly t-boned by an NYPD cop. The officer was driving without his flashing lights and did not have on his siren when he blew through a stop sign and plowed into Wiggins.

In typical police fashion, the officer, instead of apologizing and admitting he made a mistake, treated Wiggins as if it were his fault. The officer accused Wiggins of being drunk. He was then arrested and charged with DUI.

Wiggins, knowing full well that he wasn’t drinking, submitted to a blood test. The results showed his blood alcohol content to be zero. The test also showed that there were no traces of drugs in his system either.

Wiggins has since hired an attorney who is requesting an investigation into the incident.

“We believe this arrest was improper and solely motivated to cover up the actions of the police officers in failing to yield at a stop sign,” said lawyer Scott Rynecki.

Despite the negative blood tests, the charges were not dropped until last week.

“I think the whole thing was insane,” Wiggins told the Daily News. “They ran a stop sign and I think they were trying to hide that they caused the accident.”

“I have never been in handcuffs in my life,” Wiggins said. “I’ve lost my trust in police. It’s scary they can frame an innocent person.”

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Drunk Cop Fires Gun Inside Boyfriend's Patrol Car—On Video

By Maureen O'Connor
Dallas' Police Department released a video of 27-year-old Officer Kelly Beemer getting dragged out of a bar, and another one of Beemer screaming, whipping out her gun, and firing it into the floor of her cop boyfriend's patrol car.

The Dallas Police Department presumably released the footage to cover its ass for when they fire Beemer, because this dashboard camera footage is testament to why she should never be allowed to have a gun, again. In the first video, on-duty cops Miguel Jamaica and Zachary Helm (who is Kelly's boyfriend) drag their sloppy drunk colleague out of Lee Havey's bar in a tank top and jeans, her head lolling from side to side as she moans in drunken horror, "I can't believe you would do this to me, Jamaica."

In the second video, Kelly's voice is steadier. As Helm drives her home, she announces, "I swear to God, you need to fucking stop now. I fucking swear to god, Zach." There is a clattering noise, then Officer Helm's voice: "Oh, shit! Fuck! Kelly, please drop the gun!" The gun goes off and the car sits at a red light as Jamaica apparently gets out of his car and to assist Helm, their voices chiming together, "DROP THE GUN, KELLY! DROP THE GUN!"

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Citizen Pulls Over Drunken Cop, Locks Him in his Own Cruiser

By Matt Agorist
Meet Russell George. Russell was driving Stott Street one Sunday night last year, when he noticed a police van driving fast and recklessly.

The van was swerving and turned into oncoming traffic.

“At this point I was concerned about the safety of other road users,” self-employed George told The Witness.

“He suddenly jammed on his brakes and came to a complete stop.”

“I got out of my car and went towards him and I asked him if he knew what he was doing. He started his car and carried on driving,” he said.

Continuing to drive recklessly, the policeman turned into Logan Road and came to a stop at the Howard Road intersection.

George decided it would be best to call the police. He was told the police would be there shortly.

“After five minutes, no one had arrived. So I jumped out of my car and I approached the driver’s side and asked him to come out. He looked at me and I could smell that he had been drinking.

“I asked him again, and he refused.

“I then grabbed his keys, pulled him out and locked him in the back of his own van,” George said.

He added that the police van was badly damaged, as if it had been involved in an accident.

Witnesses said that the officer who’d been locked in the back of the van began crying.

Russell George, we salute you sir! This took some serious guts and you are very lucky that the responding officers did not beat you down.

Reprinted with permission from  Free Thought Project


Drunk Cop Plows Into Young Woman, Sending Her To Critical Care

By Michael Heise
A police officer is being charged with misdemeanor DUI charges after he hit a woman who was waiting to cross the road early in the morning last Sunday.

The officer must have actually run over the sidewalk if the woman was just waiting to cross.

The blow left injuries so severe that the woman was taken into emergency care and was said to be in critical condition.

Chicago Police Department is keeping the officer’s identity a mystery, but they have relieved him of police duty pending an investigation.

Whether that is unpaid or not has not been released either.

We do know the cop has been on the force for two years and is 40 years old.

He will be facing 2 counts of misdemeanor DUI and failure to exercise due care with a pedestrian on the roadway.

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Drunk Police Chief Pulled Over And Given A Ride Home Instead Of Being Arrested

Belchertown Police Chief Francis Fox: He apparently has a drinking problem.

The Granby police chief on Wednesday said his officers were placed in a compromising situation when forced to pull over a vehicle last winter and discovered Belchertown Police Chief Francis Fox was the operator.


Marijuana Dispensary Suing Mayor After Cops Raid Shop and Eat Edibles

Edible marijuana products in shop window, Amsterdam (Photo by nickolette)
Edible marijuana products in shop window, Amsterdam (Photo by nickolette)

By Don Shay
A raid on a California medical marijuana dispensary at the end of May revealed questionable police practices by the officers involved. Now, Sky High Holistic is suing Santa Ana mayor Miguel Pulido, claiming he ordered police to shut down the dispensary because they did not pay a $25,000 bribe that would guarantee their place in a lottery system for a license.

According to NBC LA,
“Santa Ana mayor Miguel Pulido was named in the suit along with city employee Yvette Aguilar and the city itself. It alleges the city solicited $25,000 payments and gifts from marijuana dispensaries which would guarantee businesses would be granted a license in a lottery system. It also claims police were used to shut down operations that did not pay up.”

“It’s deplorable that city officials and people seeking financial gain would use the police to accomplish their self-serving goals,” said attorney Matthew Pappas, who is representing the raided shop.
Last week, the nonprofit group Voice for OC released video footage of cops raiding Sky High Holistic on May 27th. Authorities alleged the dispensary lacked the proper permit to operate. The video footage depicts armed officers with ski masks barging into the sales room with their guns drawn. Those inside were all ordered to the ground. Officers kicked everyone out and attempted to break all of the visible cameras. Unbeknownst to them, there were also hidden cameras that caught the aftermath. The footage showed the cops nonchalantly consuming the edible marijuana treats. One cop was heard laughing and making a comment referring to one of the disabled customers in the shop. “Did you punch that one-legged old bonita?” asks ones. A female cop responds, “I was about to kick her in her f—ing knob”. The police claimed they were conducting an investigation.

The officers knew they were going to act questionably, evident in that they attempted to tear down visible cameras. This behavior is very similar to what armed thugs do. How long will cannabis vendors that pose no harm be targeted by law enforcement? Santa Ana is a city that runs rampant with gang violence and hard drug abuse, so why is the mayor is targeting pot shops? When will the police actually focus their attention on critical issues instead of on harassing non-violent pot smokers?

Reprinted with permission from Anti-Media

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