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Cop Who Murdered Laquan McDonald Was Given A Year of Paid Leave (Vacation) While Cops Hid Video

Police Officer" Jason Van Dyke (top) shot Laquan McDonald 16 times as he walked away.
"Police Officer" Jason Van Dyke (top) shot Laquan McDonald 16 times as he walked away.

By Meghan Keneally
A Chicago police officer has been charged with murder after fatally shooting a teen in 2014, allegedly hitting the teen 16 times and firing shots after he had already hit the ground, authorities said today.

Officer Jason Van Dyke turned himself in at the Cook County Courthouse this morning and prosecutors charged him with first-degree murder. He is being held without bond and will be back in court on Monday, Nov. 30, authorities said.


The police squad car dash cam video from October 2014 allegedly shows McDonald walking away from a group of police officers with a small knife in his hand, according to lawyers for Laquan's family who said they have a copy of the video.

Chicago police officials have said officers were responding to a call about a person walking down a street with a knife, and that McDonald refused to drop the knife when ordered to do so by officers.

Van Dyke had been put on paid administrative leave since the shooting, police said.

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