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CNN Cites Racist Twitter Trolls to Undermine Black CEO Who is Pushing for Diversity: Claims 'CEO Takes Heat for Diversity Remarks' - The 'Heat' Came from Right-Wingers and Neo-Nazis

CNN sites tweets by @_AltRight_ and @PoliticalShort. But a close look at @_AltRight_'s timeline reveals anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and anti-gay rants and attacks on working women "who are on strike against bearing children."  A look at @PoliticalShort's timeline reveals @PoliticalShort tweeting stuff like, "Obama sympathizes with Islam" and a photograph of Donald Trump in a car pointing a gun and saying, "Get in, Pussy. We're making America Great again."
It appears that CNN deliberately used racist twitter to undercut the diversity goals of an African-American corporate CEO.
It appears that CNN deliberately used racist twitter to undercut the diversity goals of an African-American corporate CEO.

By Sara Ashley O'Brien
Rosalind Brewer, CEO of Sam's Club, said she prioritizes diversity at the company. And she's getting a lot of heat for it.

In the interview with CNN's Poppy Harlow that aired last week, Brewer talked candidly about her commitment to diversity.

CNN cited this Twitter user as one of the critics of an African-American CEO that should be taken seriously.
The CEO, Rosalind Brewer, was attacked by racist trolls for trying to bring diversity to corporate America.

"I demand it of my team," said Brewer, who is the first woman and first African American to lead a division within Walmart, which owns Sam's Club.

She said she also talks to her suppliers about diversity: "Every now and then you have to nudge your partners. You have to speak up and speak out. And I try to use my platform for that. I try to set an example."

Brewer, who has been CEO since 2012, shared an anecdote about meeting with one supplier earlier that day.

"The entire other side of the table was all Caucasian male," she said. "That was interesting."

She said that while she chose not to address it with everyone in the room, she was "going to place a call" to the supplier.

That comment spurred a lot of backlash. People called Brewer a "racist" and encouraged a boycott of Sam's Club stores using the hashtag #boycottracistsamsclub.
Sam's Club is anti-White, Boycott them. Boycott Walmart as well. #BoycottRacistSamsClub
— Alt Right (@_AltRight_) December 15, 2015
DYK that the official stance by @SamsClub is to discriminate against White people as CEO Rosalind Brewer explains https://t.co/aWQrAWzx1m
— Nick Short (@PoliticalShort) December 14, 2015
Hundreds of social media posts in past day have contained the hashtag, according to Keyhole, a real-time social tracking company. The vast majority of these posts have come from male users.

Doug McMillon, Walmart President and CEO, is in Brewer's corner.

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