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Four Videos Demonstrate That America's Cops Kill Mentally Disturbed People Because They WANT To

Four videos demonstrate that America's police kill mentally disturbed people with knives because they want to.  Police in other countries take a "disarm and capture first, kill only if you have to" approach. These videos prove that when it comes to dealing with disturbed persons, American police are the worst trained, not the best trained. Or perhaps America's police are merely the worst trained, the worst led, and the most racist.

TOP LEFT: San Francisco cops surround a mentally disturbed man with what appears to be an invisible knife. All of the
cops already have their guns drawn (for some strange reason). The man tries to walk away and all of these "brave" cops
open fire on him and kill him. TOP RIGHT: Chicago cops move in on Laquan McDonald, a mentally disturbed teen
who is holding a knife that is so small you can't even see it. A cop named Jason Van Dyke jumps out of his car and
opens fire on McDonald without issuing any warnings. The cops then lied and claimed McDonald lunged at them.
The sound that the coverup-cops deleted from the video has been dubbed in so citizens can get a feel for the carnage
that was hidden by the deletion of the audio track
. BOTTOM LEFT: A disturbed man in the UK actually does lunge
at cops with a huge knife. All it takes is one female cop and one male cop to take this man down and arrest him without
killing him. BOTTOM RIGHT: Cops in Colombia disarm and take down a mentally disturbed man without killing
him. As in the UK, the Colombian cops take on a man holding a huge knife without killing him.


Compiled by Ronald David Jackson

8 San Francisco Cops Execute A Man With An Invisible Knife


A Chicago Cop Executes Lequan McDonald Because He Held A Tiny Knife — 
The Sound of Gunshots Have Been Dubbed Back In To Show What
The Cops Didn't Want You To hear


A Female and Male Cop in the UK Show American Cops How
To Handle A Distubed Man With A Huge Knife


Colombian Cops Show America's Killer Cops How To Handle
A Man With A Huge Knife

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