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The Donald Trump Effect - Pt 3: Family Claims Muslim Teen Died After He Was Beaten and Shoved Off Roof Near Seattle Central College

Hamza Warsame (Twitter)
Hamza Warsame (Twitter)

By Travis Gettys
Police have launched an investigation of a Muslim teenager who either fell from — or was pushed off — a rooftop in Seattle.

Hamza Warsame died from injuries he suffered after falling from a sixth-story roof Saturday afternoon in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

The King County Medical Examiner has not released a cause or manner of death in the case — which has fueled speculation of foul play.

Warsame’s family claims the Somali boy was brutally beaten and then shoved off the roof by other students near Seattle Central College — and social media users have been urging police to investigate his death as a hate crime.

Their suspicions were further fueled when the case received no local coverage with the exception of a post on the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, which reported the teen’s death and complaints by another Somali student who said SCC waited too long to notify students of the incident.

A Facebook page and Twitter campaign, each called Justice4Hamza, urged police to open an investigation — and the department announced Tuesday the teen’s death would be further

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