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Survivor of US Drone Attack:
Obama Belongs on List of World's Tyrants

Poisoning Black Cities: Corporate Campaign to Ethnically Cleanse US Cities Massive Marches in Poland
Against Authoritarian Threat of Far-Right
Ethiopia’s Invisible Crisis: Land Rights Activists Kidnapped and Tortured

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The Racist Brainwashing of Big Media, Hollywood & Science Continues Unabated — Recent Examples

Softening Depictions of White Criminals and
leaving the Black Ones Looking 'Hard'

These men were charged with the same crimes. But for the whites,
an Iowa newspaper used their yearbook photographs, while
they used mugshots for the blacks.

These men were charged with the same crimes. But for the whites, an Iowa newspaper used their yearbook photographs, while they used mugshots for the blacks.


Racial Brainwashing in Science
The skin color of prehistoric or stone age Europeans is almost always depicted
like that of the man on the left, when it should be more like the man on the right.

A recent gene study* concluded that a stone-age hunter had blue eyes and "dark, African skin". But an Illustrator (left) couldn't resist drawing a typical white man for an article about the finding. This is often how Western archeologists and historians move Africans from the center of human history to the periphery. On the right, is a depiction of the "first Europeans," created by a forensic scientist and derived from 35,000-year-old fossilized fragments of skull and jawbone
discovered seven years ago.
By Ronald David Jackson
Archeology and Ancient History is often "gentrified"* in its depictions of the stone-age peoples of Europe. A recent gene study on the remains of a 7,000-year-old "Mesolithic European" published in Nature, emphasized the man had dark skin, and dark or brown hair." “This guy had to be darker than any modern European, but we don’t know how dark,”said, Dr Lalueza-Fox, one of the authors of the study quoted in article published in Forbes. Interestingly, the original title of the Forbes article was "Stone-Age Hunter Had Blue Eyes And Dark, African Skin" but was changed to "Blue-Eyed African Caveman Found In Europe."
RELATED STORY: How Modern Europeans Only Arrived 5,000 Years Ago - According to Latest Genetic Study
Lalueza-Fox's study didn't supply any illustrations of exactly what their 7,000-year-old man with "dark African skin" may have looked like, yet in the illustration accompanying the Forbes story (see above, left) , the skin color is that of a typical European. This is how Western Archeologists and Historians often wipe Africans and other non-whites from history. On the right, is a depiction of the "first Europeans," derived from 35,000-year-old fossilized fragments of skull and jawbone discovered seven years ago. The clay sculpture was created by a leading British forensic scientist, Richard Neave. The first "modern" humans are believed to have evolved in Africa and migrated around the world about 60,000 years ago.

*Analysis of this genome in the context of other ancient samples suggests the existence of a common ancient genomic signature across western and central Eurasia from the Upper Paleolithic to the Mesolithic. The La Bran˜a individual carries ancestral alleles in several skin pigmentation genes, suggesting that the light skin of modern Europeans was not yet ubiquitous in Mesolithic times. Moreover, we provide evidence that a significant number of derived, putatively adaptive variants associated with pathogen resistance in modern Europeans were already present in this hunter-gatherer...

"Of the ten variants, the Mesolithic genome carried the ancestral and non-selected allele as ahomozygote in three regions:C12orf29 (a gene with unknown function), SLC45A2 (rs16891982) and SLC24A5 (rs1426654) (Table 1). The latter two variants are the two strongest known loci affecting light skin pigmentation in Europeans20–22 and their ancestral alleles and associated haplotypes are either absent or segregate at very low frequencies in extant Europeans (3% and 0% for SLC45A2 and SLC24A5, respectively) (Fig. 2). We subsequently examined all genes known to be associated with pigmentation in Europeans22, and found ancestral alleles in MC1R, TYR and KITLG, and derived alleles in TYRP1, ASIP and IRF4 (Supplementary Information). Although the precise phenotypic effects cannot currently be ascertained in a European genetic background, results from functional experiments20 indicate that the allelic combination in this Mesolithic individual is likely to have resulted in dark skin pigmentation and dark or brown hair. Further examination revealed that this individual carried theHERC2 rs12913832*C single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) and the associated homozygous haplotype spanning theHERC2–OCA2 locus that is strongly associated with blue eye colour23. Moreover, a prediction of eye colour based on genotypes at additional loci usingHIrisPlex24 produced a 0.823maximal and 0.672 minimal probability for being non-brown-eyed (Supplementary Information). The genotypic combination leading to a predicted phenotype of dark skin and non-brown eyes is unique and no longer present in contemporary European populations. Our results indicate that the adaptive spread of light skin pigmentation alleles was not complete in some European populations by the Mesolithic, and that the spread of alleles associated with light/blue eye colour may have preceded changes in skin pigmentation."

Derived immune and ancestral pigmentation alleles in a 7,000-year-old Mesolithic European,  Nature  (2014)  doi:10.1038/nature12960


Turning Biblical History and the Bible 'White'

By Ronald David Jackson
In the very beginning, Mother Mary and Baby Jesus were usually depicted as black and this was considered the norm, as demonstrated by the early "Black Madonnas" that can be found throughout Europe: Our Lady of the Hermits in Einsiedeln, Switzerland (above: top, left), Our Lady of the Pillar in a Gothic Cathedral in Chartes, France (top, right), and Our Lady of Jasna Gora in the Jasna Gora monastery at Czestochowa, Poland (bottom, left), which arrived in Poland in the 1300's and was said to have been discovered in Jerusalem. However, today almost all of the depictions of Mary and Jesus look indisputably Caucasian, like the one painted by Giovanni Battista Salvi Da Sassoferrato (bottom, right), in the mid-1600's.

In America, almost all depictions of Mary and Jesus are white, even in African American churches and homes. This is how modern Christianity moves Africans from the center of biblical history to the periphery. That is, when Africans are discussed in biblical history at all. Racism's apologist often contend that those who point out such racial discrepancies are being "overly sensitive" or "racial" and are "playing the race card." God and Christianity "has no color" they often say. But they see no "race card" when Mary and Jesus are depicted as white.


Gentrifying Ancient Egyptian History
Almost every time Hollywood producers or documentary makers create a film
about Ancient Egypt, the Egyptians look like this:

Yet almost every time authentic Ancient Egyptian artifacts are unearthed,
the Ancient Egyptians look like this:

This is often how Western archeologists, historians and documentary makers move Africans from the center of Ancient Egyptian history and culture to the periphery. It's like claiming "Columbus discovered America" and helped usher in "civilization" when in fact he was lost when he landed on the island of Hispaniola (now called Haiti and the Dominican Republic) in 1492. By that time the Americas had already been populated with high civilizations like the Incas and the Aztecs. Some, like the Maya, where established in the Americas as far back as 2600 BC.


Making Non-White Children Believe They're 'Ugly'
Many cartoons embed a racial message about beauty when it comes to "race."
Monitor what your children watch on TV or the Internet or they may
fall prey to sinister producers with racial agendas.

If you can stomach this poison, you can watch the entire episode HERE


The actress accused the mogul of being sexist, racist and anti-Semitic, but experts who have dug in to the icon's controversial legacy say the truth is more complicated.

Meryl Streep caused eyebrows to raise throughout Hollywood with her appearance Jan. 7 at the National Board of Review awards ceremony at which she attacked Walt Disney as a man who “had some racist proclivities” and “supported an anti-Semitic industry lobbying group and [was] a gender bigot.” Streep, who is starring in the Disney studio's big-screen adaptation of the musical Into the Woods, which will be released next Christmas, was on hand to present a best actress trophy to Emma Thompson, who plays Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers opposite Tom Hanks’ Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks.

Has Disney Changed Much?

Top: The Princess with the 'Dastardly Villain' - Bottom: The Princess with the 'Man of Her Dreams'
From Walt Disney's, "The Princess and the Frog"

“I thought, ‘Oh, wow, she didn’t have to do that,’ ” says one startled awards consultant. “She’s giving an award to Emma Thompson for a film that’s sort of a love letter to Disney! But she’s Meryl Streep -- she can say whatever she wants.” Says one male Academy member of Streep: “What a silly woman! How the hell does she say that? Pick on a dead guy whom she didn’t know.”


High Fashion Magazines Often Send A Message
About 'Beauty' and 'Race'

The fashion magazine Cosmopolitan, paired photographs of whites and non-whites, and informed its readers that the beauty of non-whites didn't measure up.
The fashion magazine Cosmopolitan, paired photographs of whites and non-whites, and informed its readers that the beauty of non-whites didn't measure up

Charged with same crime, Iowa paper shows black suspects’ mug shots but whites get yearbook pics

By David Ferguson
In Iowa newspaper is accused of pro-white bias after it handled the same alleged crime between two different sets of suspects in radically different ways.

Blogger Rafi D’Angelo at SoLetsTalkAboutIt.com pointed out that in reports filed on successive days, the The Gazette in Cedar Rapids printed mug shot photos of black burglary suspects and yearbook photos for white burglary suspects.

On March 23, the Gazette‘s Lee Hermiston reported that three University of Iowa wrestlers were arrested after being caught in possession of several items that had been stolen from local homes in Marion, Iowa. The three suspects — Ross Lembeck, Seth Gross and Logan Ryan, all 19 and all white — were shown in the Gazette‘s pages in the their freshman yearbook pictures, wearing matching coats and ties.

According to the Gazette, “The three wrestlers were charged with possessing alcohol under the legal age. Lembeck was charged with drunken driving. Gross was charged with interference with official acts because he fought with officers, police said. Ryan was cited and released.”

They are accused of at least seven burglaries in the area.

On the same day, Hermiston reported on four African-American suspects charged with a burglary in Coralville, Iowa, but this group of suspects — Kwain E. Crawford, 36; Milton Whitehead, 50; Quentin D.W. Eatman, 24; and Curtis J. Johnson, 29 — were all pictured in their police mug shots.

The four men were charged with breaking into a residence on March 20 around 4:00 a.m. and assaulting the occupants. They were reportedly looking for a gun, but left instead with a TV, around $240 in cash and a cell phone.

Currently, the Gazette‘s website shows mug shots of the wrestlers, but D’Angelo obtained screen shots of the original article.

Someone on the Gazette‘s original Facebook thread about the article pointed out the disparity, only to have another commenter say, “Good point other than it’s safe to say those blacks didn’t have school pics…”

Another commenter said, “Why are they referred to as ‘wrestlers?’ Are they wrestling in the story? I though they were burglars.”

Read More


Cosmopolitan Gets Dragged on Twitter For ‘Racist’ Beauty Guide

If you’ve ever wondered who Cosmopolitan’s magazine’s main demographics were, a recent beauty article may answer that question. Cosmo decided the best way to capture what’s out and what’s in – when it comes to beauty- was to do side-by-side pictures of celebrities and models.
But here’s the kicker. The ‘outs’ were all Black women. The ‘ins’ were all white women.

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