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Billionaire Ex-NYC Mayor Bloomberg Prepares To Run for President — His 'Independent' Run Would Help Put Donald Trump in the White House

The sneaky Mike Bloomberg perverted the New York City election laws saw he could run for mayor for a third term (only two are allowed). Bloomberg had to outspend his opponent 100 to one to win that third mayoral term. Now Bloomberg is preparing to use his billions to pretend he can win the presidency.  None of Trump's potential voters would switch to Bloomberg, therefore Bloomberg's real purpose is to snatch away Hillary Clinton's voters and give the white house to Donald Trump.
—Ronald David Jackson

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg: A presidential run by "Mr. Stop and Frisk" would hand the presidency to Donald Trump. (Illustration by DonkeyHotey)
The "Fix" is in.
Billionaire Michael Bloomberg: An "independent" presidential run by "Mr. Stop and Frisk" would hand the
presidency to Donald Trump. (Illustration by DonkeyHotey)

By Edward Luce
Every now and then a stopped clock is right. Speculation about a presidential bid by Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, is a quadrennial affair. It never happens because Mr Bloomberg can do the maths. Third party candidates do not win in America — they usually come away with nothing. But 2016 is different. The political laws of gravity are in suspension. If there was ever a moment for a New York billionaire to roll the dice, now would be it. The question is what would happen if he did.


As an independent Mr Bloomberg would have almost no chance of winning the White House. Moreover, he strongly supports gun control, gay marriage, fighting global warming and cutting people’s sugar consumption — all positions that would rile Mr Trump’s base. He would almost certainly take more votes from Mrs Clinton than from Mr Trump. A Bloomberg candidacy could split the vote just enough to give Mr Trump the White House. Imagine that. As Mr Bloomberg weighs his chances, he should recall the words of Adlai Stevenson, the 1950s Democratic leader. On being told that he would have the support of “every thinking man in America,” Mr Stevenson replied: “Yes, but I need a majority”.

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