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Mentally Ill Inmate Thrown Into A Steaming Shower and Fried Until His Skin Fell Off — Torture Death Ruled an 'Accident'

The execution-by-frying occurred almost four years ago. State officials just received the autopsy report.

Darren Rainey mugshot (Miami- Dade Corrections)
Darren Rainey mugshot (Miami- Dade Corrections)

By Tom Boggioni
The death of a mentally ill Florida inmate who begged for his life as his skin was scalded from his body in a locked shower stall has been ruled accidental, according to reports.

According to the Miami Herald, the death of Darren Rainey, 50, in 2012 was attributed to complications stemming from schizophrenia, heart disease and “confinement” in the shower where he was placed as punishment for defecating in his cell and then refusing to clean it up.

A recently released autopsy report from the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s Office states that Rainey was shoved into a narrow shower stall with the scalding water turned on full blast, eventually leading to his death.

Two hours after being placed in the stall, his lifeless body was found face up with his skin burned so badly that it had shriveled away from his body — a condition medical examiners call “slippage.”

After being removed from the shower, staff administered CPR, with one a nurse registering Rainey’s internal temperature at 102 degrees, well above the normal temperature of 98.6. The autopsy report states that 12 hours after his death, Rainey’s body still had a temperature of about 94 degrees.

According to an inmate working as an orderly in the prison, Rainey could be heard screaming, “I can’t take it no more, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”

Although Rainey’s death occurred almost four years ago, Florida state officials only received the autopsy report last week in a case that had previously been described as “accidental.”

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