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Something STRANGE Happened in Dubai: A Fire Rages for Hours in a Tall Building - But It Didn't Collapse

A 63-story Address Downtown Dubai hotel went up in flames, New Year’s Eve - 2016: The fire raged for many hours...
but the building didn't collapse.


On September 11, 2001, three steel-framed buildings in New York City collapsed straight down "due to fires" which lasted a relatively short time.  This has never happened in the entire history of building fires, and it hasn't happened since. World Trade Center Building 7 (below) collapsed without even being hit by an airplane.


Below: A Controlled Demolition of a Skyscraper.


NOTE: If your favorite "mainstream" or "progressive" news source is refusing to deal with the information provided above...  Make sure you don't rely on that "news source" for information during the next emergency: It may cost you your life.

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