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Why Does Fox News Hire Black Commentators To Trash Black People? — To Hide Their Racism Behind Black Faces (Videos)

Crystal Wright: One of Fox News' favorite stooges. (Screen capture from video)
Crystal Wright: One of Fox News' favorite stooges. (Screen capture from video)

By Karoli Kuns
Cenk Uygur went after Fox 'News' commentator Crystal Wright for bashing African-American support for Democrats over Republicans who despise them.

"Fox News can't get white people to call African-Americans dumber and poorer and more criminalized," Uygur said, after playing a recent clip. "So what do they do? Oldest trick in the book. 'Let's get a black person to say it!'"

In the video, Crystal Wright says, "It's not just me." Cenk answers, "You're right about that. It's all the black Republicans on Fox News, so there's about 7 of you or so who make a living doing this."


Here's a video of her in 2014 singing the same tune on CNN's Reliable Sources.
Does her contract require a minimum number of mentions of the term "black-on-black" crime?


"Did she present any evidence that African-Americans are - quote - dumber. Other than herself, she presented absolutely no evidence," he finished.

As for so-called "black on black crime," Uygur really took that one apart, with some help from Tommy Christopher on the statistics.

Not that it matters, since Wright’s generalizations are inherently racist, but they’re not even based on actual facts. First of all, President Obama does talk about murders in places like Chicago, like when he said “it happens on the streets of Chicago every day” just last week to everyone in America. So do #BlackLivesMatter and other black activists, contrary to popular lies.

Second of all, 83% of all white homicide victims are killed by other white people, and no one says “white people are killing each other,” or “what’s up with white-on-white crime?” because white violence is not seen as inherent.

Then, there’s Wright’s assertion that all that mutual black murder is being committed with “illegal guns,” which is flat-out wrong any way you look at it. According to the most recent Bureau of Justice Statistics data, only 40% of criminals in state prisons obtained their guns from an illegal source, and as President Obama pointed out, many crime guns are purchased legally somewhere else, then resold to criminals in Chicago.

As for the partisan angle, murders declined from 24,000 a year to just under 16,000 during Bill Clinton’s presidency, went up by about a thousand under George W. Bush, and then down to about 14,000 a year under Obama.

As Cenk points out, the "inherency" argument is one Fox News only uses for black people, never white people, using the logic that violence is only inherent in black people.


Fox News Hires Black People To Trash Black People


He then turned to Crystal Wright herself, whose biggest claim to fame is that she was paid some money to build a website in 2012 as an outreach vehicle to African-American Republicans, until the RNC pulled the plug on it, pre-launch.


[N]ow Crystal Wright spends her days and earns her paycheck trashing African-American people who, in her words, "vote against their interests" by choosing to support candidates who actually care about Black people instead of just talking about it.

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