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Glenn Greenwald's Billionaire Backer - eBay Owner Omidyar: Puts User Data On a 'Silver Platter' for Law Enforcement

eBay Founder & Owner, Pierre Omidyar. (Photo: Joi)
“We don’t believe the NSA has come near our data… We have a tremendous amount of thought and procedures and security around customer data.” – Devin Wenig, president, eBay Marketplace

“Unlike other e-commerce companies, eBay is one of the only ones that provides law enforcement with information on a simple request instead of requiring a subpoena. This is stated in our privacy policy.”
— Paul Jones, eBay Senior Director of Global Asset Protection

“I don’t doubt Paypal cooperates with NSA…”
— Glenn Greenwald

This past week, Wikileaks activist and close Snowden ally, Sarah Harrison, was quoted in the Guardian, asking “How can you take Pierre Omidyar seriously?”

Harrison’s outburst was prompted by the trial of the “PayPal 14,” and the company’s 2010 blockade of Wikileaks. PayPal is owned by eBay, the company that Omidyar founded and for which he still serves as chairman. Omidyar’s $250 million media startup, NewCo, recently hired Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, the only two people with access to full cache of Edward Snowden’s NSA secrets.

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