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Inside Every 'Macho' White Supremacist — Is A Man Living A Lie: Jewish Center Shooter Once Caught With Black Male Prostitute Dressed As a Woman

Glenn Miller: This was the macho image he
sold to his racist friends.
From Kansas City Star
F. Glenn Miller, the white supremacist accused of murdering three people at Jewish sites in Johnson County, was caught by police in the 1980s having sex with a black male prostitute dressed as a woman, according to multiple media reports.

An ABC News report says that while authorities investigated Miller for hate crimes in the late 1980s, they learned of his arrest a year earlier in Raleigh, N.C. Police officers had caught Miller in the back seat of a vehicle, in mid-act with a black male prostitute masquerading as a woman.

“It was pretty shocking because of his personal stances that he had taken and what he was now accused on engaging in,” then-federal prosecutor J. Douglas McCullough, now a judge on the North Carolina state Court of Appeals, told ABC. McCullough was in on interviews with Miller.

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