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The Republican Party — It Must Be 'That Black Guy' Thing: After Years of Demanding More Security on Border — GOP Obstructs Obama's Request for More Border Security

Border fence. (Photo by Josh Denmark)

Republicans have whined about "border security" for many years.  But when President Obama makes a request for more money to increase border security, the Republicans claim Obama is "asking for too much money for border security."

Republicans and right-wing pundits claim border
 security is their 'top priority'

In Order of Appearance: Rick Perry (governor of Texas), Steve King (representative), right-wing pundit Michelle Malkin (Fox News), billionaire knucklehead Donald Trump, Rand Paul (senator).

U.S. House Appropriations Chair: Obama Border Security Request Too High

By David Lawder
The Obama administration's $3.7 billion request for emergency funds to bolster U.S. border security and deal with a massive influx of migrant children from Central America is too high and will be reduced, an influential Republican lawmaker said on Friday.

House of Representatives Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers said the amount was "too much money" and a large portion of the funds needed to deal with the problems could be handled through the normal spending bills for the 2015 fiscal year starting on Oct. 1.

He declined to say what he believed was a more appropriate amount and said the committee will produce an estimate soon.

"We're crunching the numbers carefully, I'll hopefully be able to give you a better answer next week," Rogers said.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ask any of these morons specifics on present border security status and watch them swerve away like a pheasant. Their factless rants are nothing more than blind opinion or, more likely, targeted messaging for their uneducated base.

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