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Twitter Considers Further Censorship After Daughter of Recently Deceased Comedian Robin Williams Gets 'Bullied'

Zelda Williams. (Photo by Pop Culture Geek)
How can anyone be 'bullied' on Twitter, when it's possible to simply block or ignore any user? Is this another example of 'special treatment' for the rich, famous, and powerful?  And how exactly does Twitter intend to 'police' it's users?

By Kirthana Ramisetti
Twitter is reviewing its policies after Robin Williams’ daughter quit her social media accounts this week.

Zelda Williams announced Wednesday that she would no longer use Twitter and Instagram after receiving cruel messages about her father, who committed suicide Monday.

CNN reports that Twitter has responded by releasing a statement vowing not to “tolerate abuse of this nature” on its site.

"This includes expanding our policies regarding self-harm and private information, and improving support for family members of deceased users."

The 25-year-old initially fought back against her online bullies, including asking others to report anonymous users who sent her belittling messages and Photoshopped pictures of her father, according to Us Weekly.

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