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Twitter is About To Screw Up Twitter: Will Dumb Down Your Timeline With "Best Tweets" — Facebook-Like Algorithm Censorship Will TELL You What To Look At

Twitter Will Onboard Users With “Instant Timeline”, Show Best Tweets “While You Were Away”
Geek Dictatorship: Do we really need this dude deciding what's important and forcing it onto our timelines?
(Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO — Photo by TechCrunch)

NOTE: Facebook's algorithms has distorted the timelines of users. A post on a Facebook page may actually be seen by only 3 percent of the people who "liked" the page. Regular users may see only 5-7 percent of what's posted by friends -  the rest is garbage chosen by Facebook's algorithms. Facebook geeks have been accused of  "throttling" certain posts or "gaming" its news feed against certain pages: one user reported a 1,000 percent increase in interaction after paying to promote a post. This is the kind of nonsense Twitter's managers intend to force on users.—Ronald David Jackson



"One feature that might rile a few feathers is called “While you were away”. It looks at the best tweets from your network since you last opened Twitter, and puts them at the top of your timeline. The company says this is so “Everytime you open the Twitter app, you’ll see something great.” This marks a significant break from Twitter’s main timline as a purely reverse chronological feed. Twitter had experimented with with showing tweets favorited by people you follow, but this is a much more aggressive shift from and unfiltered feed to an algorithmically sorted one."

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