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NSA Whistleblower's Documents Reveal Encryption Standards the NSA 'Can't Crack'

Illustration provided by Chris Dlugosz.
Illustration provided by Chris Dlugosz.

By Dhananjay Harkare
National Security Agency also known as NSA, the US intelligence agency has been a hot topic of discussion after former member Edward Snowden revealed its dark side. An archive of Snowden’s documents suggests the encryption schemes that NSA can break easily along with those it can’t crack. The reports suggest that by 2012, NSA couldn't decrypt few emails and chats which were encrypted with right algorithms. The information about documents is shared by Der Spiegel which informs about NSA’s encryption-breaking programs and few standards that are troublesome for the agency.


For NSA, a combination of Tor, strongly implemented encryption standard, messaging system CSpace and a system for VoIP called ZRTP becomes catastrophe. Also Pretty Good Privacy aka PGP, used to documents and emails is unbreakable for NSA. The findings based on these documents were earlier presented on-stage by researchers. It would now be interesting to see if Edward Snowden has anything to say on this. We will keep you updated on that front.

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