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'Nigeria Needs Same Support as France Over Terror' Says Catholic Archbishop Kaigama — Thousands Recently Murdered in Nigeria By So-Called 'Islamists'

Nigerian children sit stunned in the aftermath of Boko Haram's mass killing spree. (Screen captured from YouTube video)
Nigerian children sit stunned in the aftermath of Boko Haram's mass killing spree. (Screen captured from
YouTube  video)

By Kelvin Ebiri (Port Harcourt), Emeka Anuforo, Abosede Musari (Abuja),
Wole Oyebade (Lagos) and Njadvara Musa (Maiduguri)

WORRIED by heinous crimes perpetrated by insurgents in Nigeria, the Catholic Archbishop of Jos, Ignatius Kaigama, yesterday called on the same international support to tackle Boko Haram as France has received since it was hit by Islamist attacks last week.

Meanwhile, the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon has condemned the attacks on Baga in Borno State, where hundreds of civilians were reportedly killed in the past week even as he pledged support for Nigeria and its neighbouring countries to ensure end to insurgency.

Appalled by the gruesome murder of over 2,000 by Boko Haram, the World Council of Churches (WCC) has tasked the Federal Government to respond meaningfully to these attacks and to ensure protection of the people from such atrocities.


“I see the very positive response of the French government tackling this issue of religious violence after the killing of their citizens,” Kaigama said.

“We need that spirit to be spread around, not just when it happens in Europe, but when it happens in Nigeria, in Niger, Cameroun and many poor countries, that we mobilise our international resources to confront the people who bring such sadness to many families,” the archbishop told BBC World Service radio.

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