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NYPD Union Leader Loses His Battle With Mayor de Blasio: Gives Up On 'Apology' Demand, Reeling From Backlash and Lack of Police Support

Illustration by Ronald David Jackson.
By lipris
I guess we should have seen this coming. There have been reports of PBA members tearing Lynch a new one over his apology demand and just days ago we saw that Quinnipiac poll show Lynch with a rather Dick Cheney-esque 18% approval rating. Only 850 of the PBA’s 23,000 members signed Lynch’s stupid “stay away from my funeral, Mr. de Blasio” petition.

The final straw really seems to have been the horribly ill-advised move of having uniformed NYPD officers disregard the wishes of the families of those two murdered cops and turn their backs on the mayor. That went over like a lead brick and really seemed to swing public opinion against the PBA in general and Lynch in particular.

It seems Lynch and a coterie of halfwits in his inner circle forgot that de Blasio, who ran for mayor on a platform that quite prominently featured promises to reform the way the NYPD does business, won with well over 70% of the vote. This whole stupid showdown has been a disaster for the PBA and it was such a dumb unforced error. The cops are still working without a contract, which is ridiculous. They should have one. They should have a good one. Strategic screwups like this aren’t helping rank and file PBA members.

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