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Female Student at a University in Texas Faced Racist Death Threat: Lynching Promise Left in Her Apartment

This message was left in the student's apartment.
This message was left in the student's apartment.

By David Edwards
Law enforcement officials said this week that a black student at Texas A&M Corpus Christi had been terrorized when someone broke into her apartment and scrawled racist slurs and lynching threats on her walls.

At a news conference on Monday, Corpus Christi Police Chief Floyd Simpson said that he wanted to speak out about the case because of a trend of racism at other universities throughout the country.

Photos obtained by KRIS-TV showed writings on the woman’s walls that included images of a noose and the words, “Let’s hang a n****r.”

“White Power. We’re coming for you,” one message read. Another said, “Die n****r. Where is your protector? White Power.”

The gated Islander Village apartment complex reportedly had video cameras, but police said that it was not immediately clear when the break-in occurred because the student had been away for spring break.

“I think the community ought to be hurt by this. I think that we all ought to take it very seriously,” Simpson noted.

Officials speculated that other students were not responsible for the break-in, which included bad grammar and misspelled words.

Police indicated that they had several suspects, but anyone with information was encouraged to come forward.

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