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Judge Rules Philadelphia Buses Must Run Anti-Islam Ads Featuring Hitler (Video)

Why aren't Muslim Americans pushing for bus ads that feature Jews who collaborated with Hitler, or ads about Israel's Gaza massacres? — Perhaps it's because they have more integrity than the creeps who want to run anti-Islam ads.

Islamophobic bus ad paid for neo-racists.
Islamophobic bus ad paid for neo-racists.

Anti-Islamic ads could soon be coming to Philadelphia public buses.

CBS Philadelphia reports that a federal court judge on Wednesday sided with a New Hampshire based non-profit on its claim that it has a first amendment right to run bus ads linking Muslims to Hitler.

The ads include images of Adolf Hitler and read "Islamic Jew Hatred: It's in the Quran." While they may be incendiary to some, a federal court judge wrote they're perfectly acceptable under the first amendment.

"He agreed with us on all the issues," said attorney Robert Muise.

Muise represents plaintiff American Freedom Defense Initiative. The group has filed more than a half dozen lawsuits against transit authorities across the country over anti-Islamic ads. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority refused to run their ad saying it disparaged Muslims, but the court held the buses are public forums -- so SEPTA cannot censor AFDI's political speech.

Comedy Duo Turn Anti-Islam Bus Ads Into a Joke

"He found the restriction on our client's speech to be content-based and unconstitutional," said Muise.

Muise says his clients hope to run the ad. Spokesperson Jerri Williams says SEPTA is disappointed, but is evaluating whether to appeal.

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