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Cops Fired For Abusing A Mentally Disabled Woman With a Taser: Shocked Her Many Times Without Giving Her A Chance to Comply

The sadistic cops were fired and face a year in jail, and the city of Marion has been hit with a lawsuit seeking $2 million in damages

Police officers Eric Walters and Franklin Brown

By Travis Gettys
Two former South Carolina police officers could spend at least a year in prison for repeatedly shocking a mentally disabled woman with a Taser without giving her time to comply with their orders.

Federal prosecutors are recommending prison for Eric Walters and Franklin Brown when they are sentenced Monday after pleading guilty in October to deprivation of rights under color of law, reported the Associated Press.

Walters encountered 40-year-old Melissa Davis during an April 2013 patrol in Marion, when he spotted her leaving the yard of a home for sale and suspected she might have broken into it.

The officer asked Davis what she was doing and then shocked her with a Taser, court records show.

Walters ordered the woman to place her hands behind her back after she fell to the ground and then shocked her four more times before she had time to comply, prosecutors said.

Brown arrived at that point to provide backup, but Walters had determined that Davis had done nothing wrong and was removing the Taser probes from her back.

But Brown noticed one of the woman’s hands slip from the handcuffs – which Walters had applied improperly – and shocked Davis three more times until she rolled over to be handcuffed again.

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