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That 'Reserve' Deputy Who Shot That Black Man in Back and Killed Him? — Employees Of Sheriff's Office Were 'Intimidated Into Promoting' Him

The No. 2 man in the Sheriff's Office was forced to resign after documents were released accusing him of intimidating employees into promoting an incompetent "reserve" deputy who paid his way onto the force

Eric Harris screams, "He shot me" and "I'm losing my breath" after getting shot in the back while on the ground. Police
then let it be known that they couldn't care less about Harris. (Screen capture from video)

By Ahiza Garcia
The No. 2 official in the Tulsa, Oklahoma sheriff's office resigned on Monday after documents were released accusing him of intimidating employees to promote a white reserve deputy who later killed an unarmed black man, according to the Tulsa World newspaper.

Undersheriff Tim Albin’s resignation, which will be effective at the end of the week, was announced by Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz during a board of commissioners meeting, the newspaper reported.
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"Given the gravity of the current situation ... he agreed that maybe it's time for a change," Glanz said. "I will continue to examine my organization, and there will be more changes in the coming days as I work to restore the integrity to the Sheriff's Office which the public has come to expect.”
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The reserve deputy in question, Robert Bates, fatally shot the unarmed black man, Eric Harris, on April 2 when, according to the deputy, he mistook his gun for his Taser. Bates was charged with second-degree manslaughter and pleaded not guilty.

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