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Cops Mistake Cracker Crumbs for Crack and Arrest Man — Man Gets $35,000 After Lawsuit Settlement

Photo by Morgan.
Photo by Morgan.
By Jeff Goldman
A man arrested after he recorded cops and carried cracker crumbs in wax paper to resemble crack has agreed to settle his lawsuit against a Gloucester County police department for $35,000.

News of the settlement reached earlier this year was first reported Wednesday by NJ Civil Settlements, which compiles lists of settlements paid by New Jersey government agencies and their insurers to those who have sued them.

Plaintiff John Cokos was stopped by Deptford Township police when he was seen walking to Gloucester County College carrying a video camera in November 2011.

Cokos said police told him there has been burglaries in the area and that the camera made him appear suspicious, according to court papers.

The Wenonah resident said he got into a skirmish with police and was forced against a guardrail after he refused their orders to turn off the recorder. While searching him, a detective and another officer uncovered Saltine cracker crumbs in brown wax paper that police believed to be crack cocaine, the suit alleges.

Cokos was then arrested on drug possession charges.

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