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America's 'Terrorism' Bullsh*t: FBI Labels Animal Rights Activists 'Terrorists' — But Not Supremacist Killer-of-Nine, Dylann Roof

These "terrorists" alledgedly set animals free and committed vandalism: America's gift to corporate animal breeders and industrial butcher factories. And there's a 99% probability they were encouraged by an FBI agent provocateur.

By Will Potter
The FBI arrested two animal rights activists today for allegedly freeing mink and other animals from fur farms, and vandalizing the property of animal-abusing businesses.

Joseph Buddenburg, 31, and Nicole Kissane, 28, were charged under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, a 2006 law that reclassified a wide range of petty criminal activity as “terrorism” if done in the name of harming the profits of animal enterprises.

The government alleges that since the summer of 2013 the two caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to corporations that they viewed as being cruel to animals. They are alleged to have freed 6,000 animals, including mink and bobcat, from fur farms in Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

They’re also alleged to have traveled the west coast of the U.S. and used super glue and glass etching fluid to vandalize the property of fur retailers. Companies targeted included Furs by Graf, a retail shop in San Diego, and another fur shop in Minneapolis.

Buddenburg and Kissane are charged with conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, and are facing up to 10 years in prison.

The arrests come in the lead-up to the national animal rights conference in Washington, DC — an event that gathers hundreds of animal rights activists from around the U.S., and dozens of international guests.

The FBI did the exact same thing last year, when agents arrested two animal rights activists and charged them violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. In that case, like this one, the activists are accused of releasing thousands of animals from fur farms.

In these and many other cases, the FBI uses rhetoric of terrorism in its press releases and sound bites, invoking the power of the word before these activists have even entered the courtroom.
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