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These Are The Police?: Cop Tosses Peanuts at Homeless Man and On the Floor — Cops Laugh As Homeless Man Eats Them Off the Floor (Video)

An obviously starving homeless man eats peanuts of the floor as a cop throws peanuts at him and on the floor - and laughs  along with fellow cops.
An obviously starving homeless man eats peanuts off the floor as a cop throws peanuts at him and on the floor — as the
cops laugh st the homeless man.

By Tobias Salinger
A Florida police officer tosses peanuts at a homeless man and reportedly talks to him like a dog in a silent booking video from the Sarasota County jail released on Monday.

The officer, Andrew Halpin, also points and laughs with several sheriff’s deputies as the handcuffed man with one foot shoeless and the other in a boot then eats the nuts off the floor, according to the footage exposed through a public records request by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Halpin had been giving the man, Randy Miller, a series of “dog commands,” a person familiar with the incident told the newspaper.

At one point, Halpin kicks one of the peanuts at Miller as he writhes on the ground for the snack. The sheriff’s deputies don’t intervene in any way, and one of them appears to hand Halpin more peanuts to throw toward Miller early in the nearly three-minute video from July 18.

Police had arrested Miller, 44, for trespassing and failure to leave a property upon order by owner in the city on the southwestern coast of Florida around 37 miles south of Tampa Bay, county records show.

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