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Police Chief Caught Soliciting Underage Girl Online — “I’ll Smack That Ass!”

The police chief was granted a paid vacation ("paid administrative leave") while an "investigation" occurs over his use of social media to stalk an underage girl.

Booty Chasing Cop: Maypearl, TX Police Chief |
Kevin Coffey (left)with NYPD Commissioner Bill
Bratton in January.
A North Texas police chief has allegedly sent creepy sexual messages and acted “very touchy” with a local teen for two years, according to documents released Monday.

A 16-year-old girl and her parents allege Maypearl Police Chief Kevin Coffey, 49, has harassed her on social media and made lewd comments about her body since she was 14, a Texas Rangers affidavit released on Monday says.

The Rangers and agents from the Attorney General of Texas’ office raided his home and office over the weekend, KXAS-TV reported. He has yet to be arrested or charged in the ongoing investigation.

Maypearl Mayor Adele Mooney placed Coffey on paid administrative leave “until further notice,” she told The Ellis County Citizen on Monday. Coffey didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on the allegations early Tuesday.

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