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Rapist Cop Given 'Special Treatment': Allowed to Plead to 'Aggravated Assault' to Avoid Sex Offender Listing

Officer Oscar Araiza is now an ex-police officer
Officer Oscar Araiza is now an ex-police officer.
By FilmingCops
A now-former Dallas police officer has pleaded guilty only to a reduced charge of “aggravated assault” in order to have a charge of sexual assault dismissed by the court.

Oscar Araiza was reported for raping a woman while she was sleeping.

Officer Araiza said he felt the plea deal was “best for him.”

He was able to avoid a heavy prison sentence and will not have to register as a sex offender.

In fact he was given five years of deferred adjudication, which means he won’t be convicted of anything if he meets the conditions of his probation.

Investigators reported Officer Araiza for raping a friend of a woman who had already known.

Araiza was found with “fresh scratches to his neck and arms,” indicating a struggle, according to reports.

It happened when the woman’s friend was passed out on Officer Araiza’s couch.

The woman who already knew Officer Araiza trusted him and was not in the room at the time.

The friend stated that she was awakened with Araiza sexually assaulting her.

She said she struggled to “get away from him,” and was “yelling at which time Araiza covered her mouth to quiet her screams.”

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